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Please insure that the application fee is promptly paid by cash or telegraphic transfer. 4 ,ghkNNP3uNg `3u$Ng kXQ$NN3uh v^ c laNy3 Nb!h0 Each application is valid for one session of study. Those who wish to join two sessions successively must apply for and pay the application fee separately. The date of application is specified in Article 3 above.  eYl Surname in English e TW[ First name in English gq Gr Photo-Ne T Chinese name '` +R Sex7u M % sY F %Queg Date of birth t^ g e Y M D0W :S RegionQu0Wp Place of birthVaNSx Number of Huixiang Zheng ZZY`Q Marital status]ZZ Married % *gZZ Single %g T f[ S Previous educationL N Occupation]\Obf[`NUSMO Employer or school[YeON Religion  0W @W Mailing address  Kb:g/Mobile NO. 5u݋/Tel: (852) Ow/Fax: E-mail:f[ `N g P Duration of the course z Ty t^ g e t^ g e From month date year To month date year hTpe Weeks s gIlnf݋ 4ls^ Present level of mandarin Check the appropriate box to indicate the number of Chinese characters you know. A% none B% about 800 C% about 1500 D% about 2500 E% about 3500 /f&TO| Can you speak in Cantonese? /f % Yes &T % NoOO[BlAccommodation requirement f[!h[c % Arranged by the University%SNdouble room ][c % Arranged by yourself3ufv Remarks:  f[ u O fN b?aa0RSNeS'Yf[f[`N (W!hf[`NgOZP0R NRTy 1 u[-NNSNlqQTVl_0 2 NNNf[`NvvNYv;mR0 3 *,.~. 2 < H J V X f h h j p , :>@BD~BDHLĽ hkAo( hQ5 hQ5o(hkA5OJQJhkA5OJQJo( hkA5 hkA5o(hkA hkACJ hkA5CJ hkA5CJ4hkA5CJ4o(hkA@dPJhkA@PCJHPJhkA@PCJHPJo(hkA5@PCJHPJ\o(3,.~. 0 2 j d $1$If`dp$dpa$ $d1$a$ $d1$a$ $d1$a$ $dp1$a$ h j %akd{$$IfTl"064 laT d $1$Ifd $1$If`_kd$$IfTl"064 laTj . >BD7d$1$If^7$Ifd $1$IfWDd`9d $1$If^9 d $1$If^ ` d $If ::d $1$If^:` DFHJLXh~ $d$1$Ifa$d1$akd$$IfTl"064 laTLNV"$&(.02:^`fhnprx|~&FJ`bdhʹh*0hkA5OJQJo( hkA5OJ h#5o(h#5OJQJo(h#hkA5OJQJo(hkA5OJQJo(h#hkA5o( hkA5 hkA5o(hkAAGkdy$$Ifl4r=  ":/064 laf4 $d$1$Ifa$&2<Xr{mmmmmmmmm $d$1$Ifa$kd9$$Ifl4F= " /06    4 laf4 UGG6GG$d$1$Ifa$gd# $d$1$Ifa$kd$$Ifl4r=1  ":/064 laf4(WIIIII $d$1$Ifa$kd$$Ifl4\="ap064 laf4$d$1$Ifa$gd#(FdZO d$1$IfkdJ$$Ifl4\="ap064 laf4 $d$1$Ifa$ (BDFHJLNPtvz  @DJLNTV\`fhnpvxh#5>*o( hkA5>* hsK@5 hsK@5o(hkA5EHo( hkA5EH h(`5o( h*5 h#5o( h] %5o( hju5o( hkA5 hkA5o(B *<>]OOOO $d$1$Ifa$kd$$Ifl4\}"kLap064 laf4 d$1$If>@BRrtvhZLLLAA d$1$If $d$1$Ifa$ $d$1$Ifa$kd$$Ifl4\}"k064 laf4*@LzuuuguV$d$1$Ifa$gd# d$1$IfgdsK@ $d$1$Ifa$qkd]$$Ifl40}"k064 laf4 d$1$If (,.0H^>@BRTprt"$*02468:BL差̮巢h#hkA5OJQJhkA5OJQJh#hkA5OJQJo( hkA5OJhkA5OJQJo( hkA5o( h#5o( hkA5 hkA5>*h#5>*o( h`?5>*@.BD<mbbSSd$1$If` d$1$Ifkd$$Ifl4F}"k v06    4 laf4 $d$1$Ifa$@B4^kd $$Ifl4"064 laf4d$1$If`^kd$$Ifl4"064 laf4 6HLTXZ\^`bdfhjlnpD"D&D(D*DTDVDDDDDDDDDDDDE$E&EEEE¼۪ۣۣۣۣۣ hkA5>*U hkA5CJhkA5CJo( hkACJhkA h5hkA5OJQJ hkA5OJ hkA5hkA5OJQJo(h#hkA5OJQJo( hkA5o(@ 8LNPR d$1$If^kd$$Ifl4"064 laf4d$1$If`RTXZn$DVDDkkkk\ld$1$If^l d$1$If^` d$1$If $d$1$Ifa$d1$^kd $$Ifl4"064 laf4 u[f[!hvTyĉz6R^ RRf[`N0 4 ce4~f[!hĉ[vf[u^4~vTy9(u0 b(W!hf[`NgYSuaYe N NbNXTT| Y T: 0W:S: N,gNsQ|: 8lEN0W@W: USMO: 5u݋:(OO[) (RlQ[) Ow: E-mail: f[u,gN~{W[: t^ g e DECLARATION I am willing to study in Beijing Language and Culture University. I pledge the following terms during my study: 1.I will abide by the laws of the People s Republic of China. 2.I will not engage in activities bearing no relation with my academic pursuit. 3.I will study industriously and observe all rules and regulations of the University. 4.I will pay all expenses on time. The following person will be contacted in case of emergencies which may happen to me during my stay in the University. Name: Region: Relationship to the applicant: Address: Name of the company: Tel:(home) (office) Fax: E-mail: Signature of the student: Date:  All applicants should provide the following documents: 1. b T9kNk!k(g)75CQ0Q(W/n0ob-NVXYNb T9 N[N5uGl(T/T)e_/eN N6e/ehy05uGl0W@W: CQXYGleQ_USD  2. Q(W-NVQ0WNb T9 SvcNsё600CQNl^ 5uGlSPNl^ N6e/ehy05uGl0W@W: SN'Yf[ ^S: 0200006209089106391 L-NV]FULSNNGS/eL lcNb ThT NHQGlb T9 I{_bR]\ONXTvNV Y ""0 3uh[ -NVSN^wmm:Sf[b15S ?ex100083 SN'Yf[IlۏOf[b 5u݋86-10-82303402 86-10-82303404 Ow86-10-82300073 5u: cheny@blcu.edu.cn Please send the Application Form and all required documents to: College of Chinese Advanced Training Beijing Language and Culture University 15, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District Beijing, 100083 P. R. China Tel: 86-10-82303402 86-10-82303404 Fax: 86-10-82300073     page  page 4 DDDEEFxFFbGGGGH>IIJJKKKLMM NN,O.O d$Ifld$1$If^lEFFFxF|FFFFFFFFFFFF"G0GbGnGGGGGGGGGKKKKLL"L4LpLzLLLLLLM,MMMNNN4N*o(hkA hkA5>* hkA5o( hkA5I.OOOOOPPPPQQqq[qqVdh1$7$8$9DH$VD+^Vgd] %dh1$7$8$9DH$gd dh1$gd d1$`kd $$Ifl4."064 laf4ld$1$If^l PPPZP\PzP|PPPPPPPPPPPPQQQ*Q,Q\Q^QfQhQQQQQQQQQQQQ篡~qjd hkACJ h:qhkAhX)5>*B*o(phhX)5>*B*phh:q5>*B*phh:q5>*B*o(phh`jh:q5>*B*phh`jh:q5>*B*o(ph hYCJo( h CJj, h] %h] %Uo( h] %CJo( hX)CJo(h h CJ h CJo(h 5CJo(%QQQQQR0RzRRPSSS0TPTTTTTTTTUUUUU1$&`1$ d1$`d1$gd:qQQQQQQQRR"R.R0R6RLRRRpRxRzRRRRRRRRRPS^SSfTnTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTUUUUUUUUU*U,U߾庶߰hfhf0JCJjhf0JCJUh8ejh8eU hkACJhqhkA hkA5CJ hqCJo( hqCJ hYCJ hYCJo( hkACJ hkACJo(hkA5CJPJhkA5CJPJo(7UU2U4U6U8U:U d1$`1$&`1$,U.U0U2U6U8U:U hkACJh8ehfhf0JCJjhf0JCJUhQ0JCJmHnHu=0 P&P BP. 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